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Bagxton: Humble Beginnings

Welcome to Bagxton! Home of the latest and most popular bags inspired by the most renowned brands in the world. Created by Mékhi Ahmori after being laid off from this job of 5 years

Mékhi's Vow

Mékhi worked for the post office in his home town for more than 5 years he received many promotions and was due for another in a few of weeks when he was unexpectedly laid off. Mékhi depended on this job, he thought this would be his career, and it was stripped away from him faster than he got it. It was on this day that Mékhi vowed that he would never work for anyone else ever again.

The Light Bulb

With no income and two children at home to feed Mékhi had to think fast. Days went by as he struggled to come up with a plan and keeps his vow. As Mékhi racked his brain he couldn't help but think about all the money his wife had wasted on Designer bags and then a light bulb went off...Sell the bags!

Bagxton is Born

The bag business was booming! the bags that he listed online sold so fast that he couldn`t believe it. Mékhi`s wife owned close to 50 bags, he sold all of them(with his wife`s consent) in less than 2 weeks...This was only a short lived victory...with no more bags to sell Mékhi had to come up with another way to feed his family. After numerous failed attempts to recreate what he did with his wife`s bags Mékhi decided to start buying more designer bags and reselling them on his own website, Bagxton was born, with Mékhi`s ability to find the best bags at the lowest price you will ever see. Bagxton flourished and Mékhi was able to keep his vow and most importantly...ensure the security of his family